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We are a team of 15 experts with Actuarial, Technology, Underwriting and Management  qualifications. Collectively, the team has the experience of delivering more than 900 Person Years effort worth multi-million dollars in onsite/offshore model. We have experience in delivering consulting services in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Bahrain and India.

We help clients exploit opportunities and manage risk through innovative Actuarial and data science techniques.

We take pride in the diversity of our capabilities and follow a collaborative approach with the objective to realize the client’s vision at its core.

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Partnering with An expert team Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.


Sai is a professionally qualified associate actuary from Institute of Actuaries of India with over 27+ years of experience in Financial Services Industry focused on Insurance and Investment. He has a proven track record of leading large teams of 750+ consultants and strong professional relationships with various clients across the globe with major ones being in United States of America, Middle East, India and South East Asia. He holds international certifications such as PMP, CPCU, INS, API and Associate from Institute of Actuaries. 

His experience includes Tech Actuarial consulting, training,  managing major multi-million dollar programs across the globe in the fields of project management, system development, business strategy planning, functional and technical support with responsibilities including actuarial product pricing, valuation, expense analysis, surplus analysis, actuarial software development in the Financial Services and Tech Actuarial research leadership.

He leads Doctoral research scholars in actuarial stream at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.


Harold is a professionally qualified actuary from Society of Actuaries (SoA), USA with over 40+ years of experience. He managed large teams of actuarial consultants and built strong professional relationships with various clients in United States of America and Canada.

His experience includes areas of Life Insurance, Pensions, Finance
& Investment and Reinsurance. He started career as Actuarial
Student and played key roles of Chief Actuary and Vice President, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for one of the top Reinsurance Company in the USA.  With professional expertise, he made his company as one of the top performing successful reinsurance company in America. 

He is also a visiting faculty at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning guiding actuarial research projects and consulting.

The actuary who is only an actuary is not an actuary

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