Captive Insurance

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been increase in insurance rates, shortage of capacity and
tighter terms and conditions for insurance products in the market. In this context, many leaders are exploring alternative ways to finance their risk. Setting up a captive insurance company is one of the most suitable, popular option that addresses this need. A captive insurance company is a subsidiary of a larger firm. It is meant to write insurance policies for the parent and does not insure any other company.

You can consider us as experienced partners in this journey. We create a bundle of actuarial and insurance services specific to helping you achieve your financial and strategic objectives.

Our tech-actuarial services ensure effective risk transfer and long-term sustainability of the captive.
Some of the actuarial services we provide are:

  • Feasibility studies for captive establishment
  • Designing customized products to suit specific risks of the company
  • Rate making and premium allocation
  • Optimization of risk transfer mechanisms
  • Reinsurance strategy
  • Performance analysis
  • Commutation reviews
  • Exit-strategy
  • Establishing reserves and capital requirements