What We do

Tech Actuarial Services

Expense Analysis Modelling

Expenses form a significant part of a company’s outgo. We analyze the processes of our clients and provide solutions for optimization using machine learning. This gives an edge to them over their market competition.

Valuation of Employee Benefits

Actuarial valuation of Gratuity liabilities, Leave encashment liabilities, Earned leave benefits, Sick leave benefits, Superannuation benefits, Long service awards, Medical and health related benefits. We also help provide long term insights into liability   using stochastic methods and advice on managing assets to meet these liabilities.

Enterprise Risk Management Modelling

Identification of key risk areas. Qualification of risks by type. Eg: Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, Reputation Risk etc. Mitigation techniques and recommendations.

Investment and Portfolio Management

Defining investment strategy, producing cash flow statements and assessing fund value.

Project Appraisal

Cost versus benefit analysis for existing or new projects. We create resource optimization models along with stress testing modules to be able to assess and plan project execution.


Actuarial Data Science Services

Transforming Spread Sheet models to R Based Actuarial Dashboards

Spreadsheet modeling forms a majority of our day to day work. However, when it comes to processing speed and ability to handle large data, tools like R and Python come very much handy. We help our clients in automation of daily process to improve speed and reduces costs.

Competitor Analysis Models - Specific to Insurers & Reinsurers

Analysis of competitor profile, products, profitability, financials and investment strategy.

Credit Risk Management of Micro Finance Organizations

Capital Market based Risk Management solutions for Micro Finance organizations to help diversify their credit portfolio. Our capital market and insurance based solutions use predictive modeling to measure and diversify risk.

Crop Insurance - Product Design & Pricing - Country Specific Models

Crop insurance has both supply side and demand side uncertainties leading to difficulties in appropriate management and measurement of risk. We help our clients by building tailor made country specific models using neural networks combined with statistical time series models that help manage this risk better and recommend the right insurance solution for them.

Cancer - Product design & Pricing - Country Specific Models

Cancer is a cause of concern for both policy holders and risk takers alike. It’s a unique type of health risk that requires specialized treatment from a product design and pricing perspective. We help our clients develop appropriate insurance based risk solutions for Cancer using our cross-market experience in this field coupled with futuristic predictive modeling approaches.

Sachet Insurance - Product Design & pricing - Country Specific Models

Developing and under-developed markets are an avenue with high prospects of insurance growth. The economic status and purchasing power in these economies demand a separate consideration and rethinking of traditional insurance products. Low ticket low coverage insurance product design bundles with innovative delivery is what Sachet insurance is all about.

Actuarial Research

Data Driven Fraud Detection & Prevention Models

A holistic, next gen approach to detect and prevent fraud by innovatively integrating AI technologies with actuarial techniques. The model provides both rule-based and statistical components with applications to insurance and other businesses. This is designed to augment company’s current Fraud Detection Solution, giving ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing fraud environment, while minimizing costs and increasing profitability.

Dashboard+Predict to assess performance using KPIs

The dashboard +predict is a tool which uses Actuarial and data science techniques to project the market data of an insurance company into the future. They are used to calculate the key performance indicators to assess the operational efficiency of an insurance company at various levels. It also indicates potential insolvency of an insurance company.